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This page is dedicated to yoga anatomy and how the vast systems and organs of the body are all here for not only obvious reasons but also have more specific reasons that when understood control our awareness of the true self. Join me as we explore our inner world and how yoga and other energy moving practices will strengthen to create the optimal environment for a disease free life. When the body moves we have the potential to have paradise within us. When the paradise is nurtured back to health inside of us we will also see the paradise renew as it once bloomed on earth. As within, so without. We are nature so what we put in the body or how we treat ourselves reflects in our external world.

Everything is connected beautifully and we are designed for more than meets the eye, or what should be said 'more than meets our tangible eyes. As we know there are many things in this world that our eyes cannot perceive such as air, the mind, the soul, all invisible but we know they are there. And so this is what consciousness means, the more conscious the more you see in your environment.  

As you will see this is a brief version of our inner body functions and more research is always ongoing in between other commitments and projects. As you will also notice I believe everything is connected and all the subjects are married with each other, The saying goes 'one thing leads to another', and this rings true with me as the flame of curiosity continues to send me down the meandering path of authentic knowledge of what actually is reality. This lesson is important for all people; to stay curious about life otherwise stagnation will set in and you will never reach your full human potential. Enjoy.


For our health to be optimal we have to breathe properly by breathing from the abdomen. In yoga it is called yogic breath or diaphragmatic breathing. It is when the diaphragm is is moved downwards on your inhalation there by pushing the abdomen outwards. Then when you exhale the abdomen goes inwards as the diaphragm goes back upwards. When you can breathe like this you are able to take a full breath and fill the lungs completely. It is known that when we were children we used to breathe with the belly but when the body began to grow some became chest breathers which has ill health effects. To relearn how to breathe just start practicing consciously and this will also put you in a parasympathetic mode of calmness in the moment. 

Now when you take full inhalations deeply and for roughly 20-30 times you will fill the body with more oxygen and more importantly the oxygen goes deeper into the body which alkalizes these deeper layers that shallow breathing does not reach. The dedicated practice of deep diaphragmatic breathing cures inflammation, acidity, stress of all kinds, etc. The major diseases like cancer thrive in an inflammation, acidic environment so by filling the body with oxygen you self create an ideal environment and; remember the body wants to be healthy but it is our minds that tend to play tricks on us that creates stress = Inflammation = illness.

Inflammation is when cells group together and we must also remember we already have cancerous cells in the body so if these cells are in that group then a problem can start to manifest. 'Nurture the garden within and the garden without will also benefit.'

Just by consciously breathing daily for 10 minutes will benefit your life and increase your lifespan.


The Nervous system is a group of nerves and cells called Neurons. The purpose of this system is like the messenger to send signals between different parts throughout the body. It is basically the bodies electrical wiring. We are electric and this connects us with many other things on a very profound level including the earth which has a negative redox potential. Get your feet in the earth and feel the recharge.

There are two components to this system; The Central Nervous System and The Peripheral Nervous System.

The Central Nervous System is made up of the brain, spinal cord, nerves.

The Peripheral Nervous System holds the sensory neurons, ganglia (clusters of neurons), and nerves that all connect to each other including the central nervous system.

There are two subdivisions of this system; The Somatic voluntary component and The Autonomic which is voluntary and involuntary. 

The Autonomic Nervous System regulates blood pressure and the rate in which you breath. This is important as controlling this eliminates stress in the body. Stress causes inflammation and cells to group which creates a toxic and acidic environment. Meaning this is ideal for cancers to grow. Basically do not let yourself get stressed. Though there are good stressers such as those that strengthen the vascular system which helps in immunity. The nerves of this system also connect the Central Nervous System to our lungs, heart, stomach, intestines, bladder, sex organs. So because all of this connects us with our brain, more specifically the Medulla part; which is responsible with breathing. This is how we control our mood, digestion, overall health, all by the power of the breath.

The Somatic System are nerves that connect our brain and spinal cord with the muscles and sensory receptors in our skin.


The Lymphatic System is part of our immune system and is a major reason for having the protection we need to keep away infection. It runs throughout the body and are like blood vessels having many different parts. This system carries a milky fluid called lymph in tubes known as lymph vessels. The fluid then passes through glands that are also called lymph nodes and are located throughout the entire body. They are found in the neck, shoulders, armpits, forearm, lower abdomen, genital region.

The lymphatic system also includes organs and tissues which are the places where immune system cells collect. The cells of the immune system collect in lymph nodes, the spleen, tonsils. You need everything in your body, nothing is there by mistake, everything has a specific function.

The lymphatic system defends the human body from disease by removing germs which are bacteria, viruses, parasites. It defends you from toxins and helps destroy old cells, damaged cells or cells that have become abnormal. 

It is also our drainage system that removes excess fluid and waste from our tissues, before returning it to the bloodstream. The lymphatic system helps to maintain blood pressure, fight infection/disease etc. 

To keep the lymph working for you, moving the body, muscles daily will keep this system in perfect condition. Basic Qi Gong and Yog practices are what i recommend and teach to others. This system is crucial for your longevity. 


The Endocrine System is the bodies collection of glands which produce the hormones needed to regulate our metabolism, growth, tissue function, sexual function, sleep, reproduction, development, and mood.

It is made up of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, pancreas, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, testicles, ovaries. 

How it works is a particular gland will select and remove some material from the blood to process it before it secretes the finished chemical product. The finished chemical product made from this process is then used somewhere in the body where needed.

The Endocrine System effects almost every organ in the body so keeping your inner body clean ensures optimal health.


The vagus nerve is the longest of the cranial nerves and controls the parasympathetic nervous system (conserves energy, slows heart rate, rest and digest).

Bad posture, like being hunched over for extended periods can negatively effect and stimulate the vagus nerve into cultivating a mind of depression, and of doubt. We can also stimulate the vagus nerve through breath control (pranayama), to positively effect the mind and create enduring joy, happiness, and the feeling of being content.

The vagus nerve controls our heart with electrical impulses to specific muscle tissues, and ultimately a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine (Tells the lungs to breath, slows heart rate when using the breath, tells the body to chill out or parasympathetic).

It is connected to many organs in the body that are responsible for sending instructions to releasing enzymes and proteins which calm the body.

It is known that those with a more stronger vagus nerve response can recover faster from disease, stress, and illness. Deep breathing will help this.

GUT and BRAIN communication. This amazing vagus nerve links the gut and brain like a walkie talkie, and via electrical impulses the gut communicates to the brain on how you are feeling. That 'Gut feeling' is real.

Asana Groups & the benefits

Standing Asana benefits

Build strength, Improve flexibility & stamina. Works the core, hamstrings, quadriceps, gluts, & is particularly good for the muscles on the back, shoulders & legs. Will improve your balance, overall posture, & muscular coordination. Helps bring awareness & strength to the muscles for a comfortable seat when meditating. Oxygenates the entire body and will increase lung capacity.

Standing Balancing Asana benefits

Calms & focuses the mind so removes stress & anxiety. Improves your concentration, The unconscious mind is calmed. Develops the functions of the cerebellum. Tones & strengthens the body.

Back bend Asana benefits

Will stretch the front body to strengthen the back & entire body. Balances the body & counteracts the effects of when sitting in a chair for extended periods. Is good as an anti-depressant and will elevate your mood. Energy is created, stimulating the entire body. Self healing is the constant in all asanas. Helps circulate the blood and removes the stored up toxins.

Forward Bend Asana benefits

Calms the mind creating inner peace. Helps to release emotions. Enables deep relaxation. Stretches & strengthens the muscles of the back & hamstrings. Helps you to turn your awareness within.

Twisting Asana benefits

Eliminates the toxins & blockages in the abdomen. Will relieve the built up tension in your shoulders, Spine & hips. Will leave you feeling energized & balanced. Creates energy & vitality for the body as this is where the Manipura Chakra is located. Will Psychologically untangle knots in everyday life. Greatly improves the energy flow to the navel so increasing the digestive organs.

Inversion Asana benefits

Refreshes the body from changing the direction of blood flow. Eliminates toxins & encourages the flow of blood to the brain. Strengthens the upper body. Will calm & relax the mind as the nervous system is stimulated. Is great to reduce stress & anxiety. Will improve your overall concentration & mental power. Improves your self confidence. Can transform sexual energy to spiritual energy.

Note: Do not do Inversion Asanas if : Have heart conditions or high blood pressure. Pregnant or menstruation. Spinal or head injuries.

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