Welcome to a world travelled bazaar with some items bought from afar, some handmade by Carl. Some of the leather in his crafts Carl is making from animals that were roadkill. He chose not to let the skins go to waste and learned the traditional skill of hide tanning. Hide tanning is a long and physical process of turning animal skins into leather.

Yuva Skin Care

Organic skin care cream that treats acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars, heals scratches, burns & wounds, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial.

Handmade belt

Handmade, hand stitched horseshoe buckle leather belt. Inspired by travels to the'West'.

Yogi Tea

The tea of the yogi. This rose tea has all kinds of good herbs mixed in, including turmeric

A wonderful scented tea. By Yogi Bhajan

Carved spoons

Handmade wooden spoons that are good for decoration or eating from.

Yuva Hydrating

Organic skin cream that rehydrates, nourishes, soothes the skin to make the skin soft & healthy. Purchase your's with the link bellow.

Travelers satchel

Handmade, hand stitched leather satchel with brass buckle. Inspired by travels to the 'West'.

Sadhu walking stick

Handmade walking stick for the spiritual traveler. Antler and stick found in the woods.

Leather possibles

Handmade leather possibles of different styles, and can be used to carry whatever.

Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling green tea within a wonderfully carved wooden box. Coming all the way from beautiful India.

Cow dung soap

Fancy washing yourself with cow dung?

Organic soap good for the skin.

Willow basket

Handmade willow basket to help carry some gathered berries or fruits.

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