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Since Carl travels anyway, he realized that bringing others along to experience the wonders of India would be an amazing experience for all. 

The website has always been to share the beautiful wisdom of yoga, but there simply isn't a better way to learn this ancient knowledge and culture than from actually going there. 

So if experiencing a once in a lifetime place, the land of yoga and rich culture is on your list, then please read on to find out about the trip.

Carl is a certified guide and has guided many people on trips so you will be in good hands.

Way of the yogi - yogi 

The Great Yogic Experience will take you on a journey to the heart of yoga, set in the foothills of the majestic Himalaya mountains. Our journey takes us to Uttarakhand and to the town of Rishikesh which is known as the yoga capital of the world. We will spend 3 days in this wonderful yoga town on the mother Ganga where you will have plenty to see and do in Rishikesh, including one evening spent by the Ganges river to join the traditional Aarti.

We will then spend 5 days at a yoga and meditation ashram, nestled in supreme natural surroundings.

1 day will be camping high in the jungle where we can explore the local area and experience panoramic India.

The last 2 days are spent in the capital New Delhi, where we can explore the great bazaars and visit ancient temples.


  • 11 days immersion of yogic life in and around the yoga capital of the world; Rishikesh and the Himalaya.

  • Visit to sacred holy sites, easy to moderate hiking in the mountains, good food and authenticity !

  • Daily yoga and meditation classes for all levels.

  • Jungle safari in tiger national park

  • Group communication will be in English.





  • Chandra yoga meditation ashram

  • Swiss Bhandari Lodge

  • Mountain campsite

  • Hotel in New Delhi


Included in the price

- Great Accommodations to experience the yogi life.

- Transportation within India

- Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners

NOT Included

- Flight Tickets to & out of India, Visa Fees, Snacks

- Registration will close when all places are booked.


General Tips


  • Pack light and simple.

  •  Day pack & Backpack 60L is recommended as is easier to travel with.

  • You can bring walking shoes/boots for the trips into the forests.

  • Keep in mind to bring some warm clothing. Although it can be sunny in the daytime with temperatures around 22-30 degrees Celsius, the temperature can drop to around 17-20 degrees Celsius at night.

  • Bring earplugs to allow you to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Bring a flashlight.

  • Bring your own spending money for gifts.

  • Bring your Flip Flops and swimwear too.

  • Buy an over-the-neck passport bag or money-belt to carry money and passport.

  • Never walk alone, always go with someone from our group.


April 1st - 11th 2021  -  Limited to 10 persons  -  Point of entry/departure : New Delhi


£1000 per person

A detailed schedule will be sent to you after registration.

Retreats pricing

Non-members: £60 per day / £30 Sunday. Become a member?
Members: £45 per day / £25 Sunday





N A T U R A L  H U M A N  I M M E R S I O N 


Daily Life :

- Daily morning yoga & breath-work class

- Intermittent fast. (Breakfast optional)

- Barefoot immersion into nature

-  Painting and drawing for self expression.

- Workshops on traditional yogic practices like Vipassana.

- Healthy, fresh meals (including fresh detox juices, & chai) 3x per day

- Exploring the wonderful culture ,(Temples, villages, Cooking classes)

- Karma activities (orphanage volunteering, beach clean ups.

- Day trips to other areas.

What you need:

An open mind and willingness to get out of your comfort zone.


Retreat (yoga, workshops, airport and excursion transportation, yoga mats and supplies): TBC.

Hotel (including sleep and 3 meals per day): Currently finding the best rate possible for you.

Note that tours and external activities will be costed separately and are optional of course and shared in full detail upon arrival. We will focus on getting the best rates in the market with local vendors and suppliers.

*50% deposit is required upon booking on total amount, with a 60 day cancellation window for a full refund.

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