Tranquility with Mantra

Asatoma sadgamaya

Om asato-maa sad-gmaya,

tamaso maa jyotir-gamaya,

mrtyor maa amritam-gamaya.

Meaning of Asatoma Sadgamaya

Lead us from unreality to reality, from darkness/negative influences lead me to light/positive influence, and from fear of death/ill health/misery/ lead me to immortality/health/vitality/happiness.

A brief explanation on Mantras

The chanting of mantras has been heard for many thousands of years, coming from the enlightened sages who compiled the Vedas. They would gather the knowledge of mantra chanting from the cosmos which is the state of heightened consciousness while in deep meditation.

The mantras when chanted create vibrations that travel through the body to the inner self which helps in your meditation. The rhythmic vibrations continue for a while after you stop chanting, and it is this feeling that one can experience in meditation.

It matters not if you chant the mantra incorrect or correct; you will experience the same effect of being purified and having a peaceful mind free of diseases and agitation.

The chanting of mantras creates calmness and joy to my soul and you could find me singing under a tree or in the forest where peace is assured. If you should hear me by chance then please join me.

Picture taken on the northern shores of Catalunya.

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