Raising a Hermitage

Satyam Hermitage Fundraiser

Our Mission at Ardhma Yoga is to share the ancient wisdom of the yogis so that the true essence of the teachings are not lost or misunderstood. To continue that mission we are beginning on a new venture that will benefit all who wish to participate. We want to start raising funds for a yoga hermitage that will house a few live in monks/yogis that are practicing monastic discipline. It would be open to and serving the public who wish to visit or attend authentic yoga immersion retreats in the most tranquil of settings. The hermitage would remain a non profit abode, running purely by donation and living from it's own self sustainable ventures. This endeavor is to raise funds to acquire land from which to begin the hermitage for all who seek peace through peaceful, fully sustainable living.

If this is something you would like to be a part of please send all inquiries or request donating info to satyamhermitage@gmail.com

Please share this to everyone you know so we can continue this work. shanti ☪️🕉☯️


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