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Breath of Fire Pranayama

Sitting in Padmasana (lotus), or Bhojanasana (cross legged), with the spine straight and slightly tuck the chin down. Rest your hands on your knees in Gyana mudra.

Inhale (through nostrils), then exhale rapidly (through nostrils), pumping the naval towards the spine. Continue this action, focusing on the rapid exhalation by pumping the abdomen inwards. The inhalation is done automatically as the diaphragm relaxes; the complete awareness is on the pumping and exhaling. When done correctly it sounds like a steam train.

Start slow for beginners, 1 breath per second, and then increase the speed when you get familiar with the action. Try to do for 1 minute daily, and then increase to 3 - 5 minutes when established. The body should be relaxed in this practice, only the abdomen is working.


· Expands lung capacity, function, and eliminates toxins

· Strengthens and balances the Defense (immune) and nervous systems

· Tones abdomen and internal organs as well as strengthens

· Strengthens the manipura chakra in the solar plexus

· Increase vital energy and physical endurance

· Increases oxygen intake to the brain which helps in function and longevity


You should not do this pranayama if……

Pregnant, on your monthly cycle, have heart problems, have high blood pressure

Breath of fire can be done daily, Enjoy


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