Meditation Live

Meditation Live is an endeavor to bring daily meditations to a global audience. These sessions are live and free to join. We hope to motivate people to join everyday and cultivate their practice for the betterment of world consciousness.

These sessions are not guided classes, simple join the session and meditate with others as a group sadhana.

A few words or a mantra may be said to begin the meditation, and hosts may change, depending on who would like to host.


The vipassana method is a great way to meditate if you do not know how to but want to join the live meditation. Sitting with spine straight and comfortable for an extended period, close the eyes and observe your breath, Inhale and feel the air go in through the nostrils and exhale feel the same sensation on the nostrils as the air goes out, keep this focus, when the mind wanders just again focus on the sensation of breathing throw the nostrils.


To join the live meditation you will need to download the zoom app, then enter the ID and passcode;

ID : 310 893 3472

Passcode : MedLive


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