Kriya weekly coming soon

Kriya weekly will be launching Friday 24th April at 6pm live on Zoom.

These are weekly online classes that will show you short and easy Kriyas (actions) to energize, motivate and optimize your human technology.

It is all about intention setting and dedicating 20 minutes of your day for your self.

It is perfect for those who struggle to find the continued motivation for a daily yoga session.

Concentrating more on the meditation & pranayama aspects, this weekly online class is great if you want to go deeper with your meditation but are not always able to sit still for long periods.

Kriya weekly is dynamic, energizing, & healing.

The Kriyas are directly linked to every system & organ that controls our human technology, so we can understand & develop ourselves & our journey in life.

You will gain mastery & self confidence of your body.

The classes can be done anywhere which will help you in your journey of a daily practice.

I hope you will join us on this new journey from ardhma yoga.

To join the classes you can subscribe monthly.

Om Shanti

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