Kriya update

How is the energy breathing going from our first episode? After the minute of energy breathing try extending your breath retention (kumbhaka) time. The longer the kumbhaka the more time the prana energises through the body.

we should strive to improve daily on our kriyas. Even if the improvement is that now you are managing to practice everyday for 5-10 minutes, then that is amazing and only good can come of it.

That is my intention for these short kriyas to give you the tools to strengthen your daily practice and make this a conscious lifestyle choice.

kriya is more advanced than asana (posture) practice because anyone can do the physical but to train ones mind to go beyond the physical and into the mental aspect, this builds real strength and is more challenging.

If you are looking to challenge yourself and to deepen your understanding of yoga then kriya weekly is live Fridays at 6pm on zoom.

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