I am currently working on a new page to briefly tell of the deities of yoga philosophy. Here I will tell a prayer that is used for Ganesha, a popular deity that is known in Hinduism. Though these gods are in a world religion, yoga however is not a religion, but a science to perfection.

The deities are part of the ancient philosophy of yoga that was pasted down from sages that learned all from deep meditation.

Ganesha is the 'Remover of Obstacles'.

O radiant, four shouldered one with smiling face so pleasing,

We meditate upon you to remove all obstacles.

Great Lord of wisdom, I stand here with many decisions to make and with many paths to take.

I ask for your grace.

Bestow me with righteous judgment and clarity of thought, as I offer all turmoil at your holy feet,

And immerse myself only in you.

Om, Ganesh is our refuge.

Prayer taken from The gospel of Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886)

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