Asana & their benefits

Standing Asana benefits

Builds strength, Improve flexibility & stamina. Works the core, hamstrings, quadriceps, gluts, & is particularly good for the muscles on the back, shoulders & legs. Will improve your balance, overall posture, & muscular coordination. Helps bring awareness & strength to the muscles for a comfortable seat when meditating. Oxygenates the entire body and will increase lung capacity.

Standing Balancing Asana benefits

Calms & focuses the mind so removes stress & anxiety. Improves your concentration, The unconscious mind is calmed. Develops the functions of the cerebellum. Tones & strengthens the body.

Back bend Asana benefits

Will stretch the front body to strengthen the back & entire body. Balances the body & counteracts the effects of when sitting in a chair for extended periods. Is good as an anti-depressant and will elevate your mood. Energy is created, stimulating the entire body. Self healing is the constant in all asanas. Helps circulate the blood and removes the stored up toxins.

Forward Bend Asana benefits

Calms the mind creating inner peace. Helps to release emotions. Enables deep relaxation. Stretches & strengthens the muscles of the back & hamstrings. Helps you to turn your awareness within.

Twisting Asana benefits

Eliminates the toxins & blockages in the abdomen. Will relieve the built up tension in your shoulders, Spine & hips. Will leave you feeling energized & balanced. Creates energy & vitality for the body as this is where the Manipura Chakra is located. Will Psychologically untangle knots in everyday life. Greatly improves the energy flow to the navel so increasing the digestive organs.

Inversion Asana benefits

Refreshes the body from changing the direction of blood flow. Eliminates toxins & encourages the flow of blood to the brain. Strengthens the upper body. Will calm & relax the mind as the nervous system is stimulated. Is great to reduce stress & anxiety. Will improve your overall concentration & mental power. Improves your self confidence. Can transform sexual energy to spiritual energy.

Note: Do not do Inversion Asanas if : Have heart conditions or high blood pressure. Pregnant or menstruation. Spinal or head injuries.

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