9 Pillars of natural Health

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The Navanganath or 9 pillars to natural health is a 15 year compilation of my learning of our natural world and how we go with it or fall by the wayside. I have dedicated these years which is a natural curiosity that has taken me across the world to learn directly from the source of everything we know; nature.

I believe that living by each of these 9 pillars one can extend their life by decades, through the scientific research and through personal experience of the largely unknown power of nature.

The 9 pillars are the ideal existence for the human body to increase longevity. Here is a brief explanation of each and how by living with the rhythm of the way things are, we can live happy, healthy, for as long as you want. And remember these 9 pillars are a daily lifestyle choice that comes from discipline. Some may require us to move to another environment such as being able to breath fresh air daily. 


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