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The chanting of mantras has been heard for many thousands of years, coming from the enlightened sages who compiled the Vedas. They would gather the knowledge of mantra chanting from the cosmos which is the state of heightened consciousness while in deep meditation. The mantras when chanted create vibrations that travel through the body to the inner self. It matters not if you chant the mantra incorrect or correct; you will experience the same effect of being purified and having a peaceful mind free of diseases and agitation.

The chanting of mantras creates calmness and joy to my soul and you could find me singing under a tree or in the forest where peace is assured. If you should hear me by chance then please join me. All new mantras to the site will be added at the bottom of the page.

Ashtanga opening prayer

Om vande gurunam caranaravinde

Sandarsita svatma sukhava bodhe

Nih sreyase jangalikayamane samsara

Halahala mohasantyai abahu purusakaram

Sankhacakrasi dharinam sahasra

Sirasam svetam pranamani patanjalim


Ashtanga closing prayer

Om svasti prajabhyah paripala yantam

Nyayena margena mahim mahisah.

Go-brahmanebhyah subham astu

Nityam lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu.

Om santih santih santih


Sage Patanjali prayer

Yogena cittasya padena va cam

malam sarirasya ca vaidyakena

yopa karotam pravaram muninam

Patanjalim pranca u ranatosmi

abahu purushakaram

sankha chakra asi dharinam

sahasra siram svetam

pranamani Patanjalim

Hari om.

Gayatri mantra 


Om bhur bhuawah swah,

Tat-savitur varenyam,

Bhargo devasya dhimahi,

Dhiyo yo nah pracho-dayat.


Maha mrityunjaya mantra

Om trayambakam yajamahe, sugandhim pushti-vardhanam,

Urvaa-rukmiva bandhanat, mrityor-mokshiya ma-amritat.

Guru - Shish (teacher - disciple) mantra

Om sahna vavtu

sahanau bhunaktu

sah viryam karva-vahai

tejasvi-nav dhit-mastu

maa vidvi-shaa vahai.

Om Vishwaani dev mantra

Om vishwaani dev savitur duritaani,

paraasuva yadbhadram tanna aasuva.



Om ya atmada balada mantra

Om ya atmada balada yasya vishve upaasate,

prashisham yasya deva yasya chhaaya amritam

yasya mrityu kasmayee deva-ya havishaa vidhema.



Om agne naya mantra

Om agne naya supatha raaye

aasmaanvishwani deva vayu naani vidwaan,

yuyo dhyas ma juhu raana-meno

bhuyishthaante naam unkitim vidhema.


Asatoma sadgamaya

Om asato-maa sad-gmaya,

tamaso maa jyotir-gamaya,

mrtyor maa amritam-gamaya.


Sarve bhavantu sukhinah

(Universal prayer)

Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah,

Sarve santu niraamayaah,

Sarve bhadrani pashyantu,

Maa kashchit dukh bhagbhavet.

Tvameva mataa

Om tvameva mataa cha pita tvameva,

Tvameva bandhu shch sakhaa tvameva

Tvameva vidiyadravinam tvameva

Tvameva sarvam mam deva devaa.




The infinity shloka

Om purna-madah purna-midham

purnaat purna-mudachyate

purnasya purna-maday



Om shanti antriksha shanti:

prithvi shanti rapa:


shanti: vanaspataya:

shantir-vishve deva:

shantir-brahma shanti:

sarvatram shanti:

shanti-reva shanti:

saa maa shanti-redhi

om shanti-sh-shanti-sh-shanti.

Maha Mantra

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

Mangala Charn Mantra

Ad guray nameh, jugad guray nameh, sat guray nameh, siri guru devay nameh


First Shakti Mantra

Adi shakti, adi shakti, adi shakti, namo, namo,

sarab shakti, sarab shakti, sarab shakti, namo, namo,

prithum bhagawati, prithum bhagawati, prithum bhagawati, namo, namo,

kundalini, mata shakti, mata shakti, namo, namo


Long ek ong kars mantra

Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru

Meaning of Ahstanga opening prayer

I bought to the lotus feet of the gurus,

The awakening happiness of one’s own self revealed,

Beyond better, acting like the jungle physician,

Pacifying delusion, the poison of samsara,

Taking the form of a man to the shoulders holding a conch,

A discus, and sword, one thousand heads wide to patanjalim,

I salute.

Meaning of Ashtanga closing prayer

May all be well with mankind,

May the leaders of the earth protect in every way

By keeping to the right path,

may there be goodness for those who know the earth to be sacred,

May all the words be happy,

Meaning of Sage Patanjali prayer

Salutation to the noblest sage – Patanjali, who gave us yoga for serenity of mind, grammar for purity of speech, and medicine for the health of the body.

I prostrate before Patanjali, whose upper body has a human form, whose arms hold a conch and disk, and whose crowned by a thousand headed cobra,

O incarnation of Adisesa, my salutations to Thee.


Meaning of Gayatri mantra

Om, supreme divine. You are creator and sustainer of all, of earth, space and heaven. We adore your radiance from the source of all existence. We meditate upon divine radiance. Inspire all our thoughts, guide our soul, and open our inner eye – the eye of wisdom.

Meaning of Maha mrityunjaya mantra

O god (the three eyed one, Lord Siva, the protector of all), we offer you sacrifice so that you can shower on us fragrance and strength (good health). Just like a ripe cucumber is effortlessly separated from a dead vine (free from all attachments), similarly relive us from the bondage of life and death and give us liberation in the form of immortality.

The Gayatri mantra and Maha mrityunjaya mantra are both accustomed to be chanted at the beginning of your practice of yoga or meditation. Maha mrityunjaya mantra is chanted on the Maha Shivaratri, The great night of Shiva.

Meaning of Guru-shish mantra

May we be protected and nourished by the divine source. May we purpose our studies with vigor and become illuminated. May there be no quarreling among st us. May we act together for the common good and realize the ultimate truth.

Meaning of Vishwaani Dev mantra

O god! The creator of the entire universe (god of sun), take away from us all that is bad, evil. Give us all the qualities, deeds and objects that are blissful and auspicious.

Meaning of atmada balada mantra

Who places the soul into the body; who is the source of strength; who is worshipped by all learned men; whose praise they sing; whose grace gives immortality and to forget whom is death; to that blissful god we pray with faith and devotion.

Meaning of agne naya mantra

O luminous god! Lead us to the noble path of the devotion and grace. Lord, thou knowest all our deeds and sins. We offer in every way our homage and salutation to thee.



Meaning of Asatoma Sadgamaya

Lead us from unreality to reality, from darkness/negative influences lead me to light/positive influence, and from fear of death/ill health/misery/ lead me to immortality/health/vitality/happiness.

Meaning of Sarve bhavantu sukhinah

(Universal prayer) mantra

May all be prosperous and happy. May all be free from misery, may all realize goodness, and may no one suffer pain.


Meaning of Tvameva mataa mantra

Thou art our mother and father, thou art our brother and friends, thou art knowledge and wealth, thou art everything to us O supreme Lord.

The Universal prayer mantra and Tvameva mataa mantra are usually chanted at the end of your yoga practice or meditation.

Meaning of the infinity shloka

This universe is infinite and god is infinite. When you add or subtract the infinite from the infinite what remains is the infinite.

Meaning of Shanti

May peace, peace and perfect peace reign in all three worlds/realms- The nature world. The supernatural world, and the spiritual world.

Maha Mantra meaning

O Krishna, O energy of Krishna, please engage me in your service.


Mangala Charn Mantra

 This mantra is chanted for protection, and it surrounds the magnetic field with protective light. The meaning of the mantra is 'I bow to the primal guru, I bow to wisdom through the ages, I bow to true wisdom, I bow to the great, unseen wisdom.'


Shakti Mantra

This mantra tunes the self into the frequency of the Divine Mother. It generates energy and focuses the self to the primal protective. Chanting this mantra eliminates fears and fulfils desires. Adi shakti means the 'Primal Power', sarab shakti means 'All Power', and prithum bhagawati means 'which creates through God.'


Long ek ong kars mantra meaning

One creator created this creation. Truth is His Name. Great beyond description is His Infinite Wisdom

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