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Kriya is a sanskrit word meaning action, deed, effort. It comes from ancient yoga practices and is the effort or completed action to continue on the path of perfection.

Kriya weekly is about intention setting and dedicating time in your day for your self.

It is perfect for those who struggle to find the continued motivation for a daily yoga session.


Concentrating more on the meditation & pranayam aspects, this weekly online class is great if you want to go deeper with your meditation and breathwork but are not always able to sit still for long periods.

Kriya weekly is dynamic, energizing, & healing, with physical asana synchronized with breath control. 

The Kriyas are directly linked to every system & organ that controls our human technology, so we can understand & develop ourselves & our journey in life. 

You will gain mastery & self confidence of your body.

How it works

Subscribe monthly to kriya weekly and watch each episode whenever suits you. The class is available every Friday from 6 pm. 

Each Kriya class is 1 hour average, is easy to follow, and is intended to start you on a routine of self practice, with the long term goal of transforming your physical, mental, and spiritual health.
We focus on Pranayama, Dynamic breathing, meditations & movements.
It is hard for most of us to know where to begin and how to keep motivated in goals that improve ourselves, but with an easy schedule that builds on itself by weeks end, the foundation of a routine has begun. From there your commitment to yourself will develop and when you see the results, the contented happiness will pervade your being.
These kriyas have the power to be completely transformational to your life positively, but remember it is not the kriyas themselves but rather the one doing them. Having that commitment to yourself and putting in the effort, that is how life will change for the better.
Benefits of Kriya
  • Train your awareness to know your body and mind
  • Calming the monkey mind
  • Longevity, anti aging
  • Stillness
  • Opens your mind to what yoga is
  • Improving your respiratory system & lung capacity
  • Improves blood circulation, blood pressure
  • Finding sustainable happiness in the present moment
  • Cultivate clarity in yourself & your life
  • Strengthen your mental, emotional, & physical health
  • Connecting with our whole body through the subtle sensations
  • Clear all energy channels in the body
  • Improve & increase your mobility
  • Vibrational healing
  • Relaxed body, mind
  • Create long term sustainable energy in your body
  • Postural improvement
  • Go beyond what you thought was possible
  • Naturally heal yourself
  • Cures inflammation, anxiety, stress of all kinds, fear of aloneness

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Every Friday 

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