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Equine Assisted Therapy

Just the sight of horses in their natural state free to roam tugs at the heart and creates a feeling or distant memory of something wild and pure. They have a magical ambiance about them.

Equine assisted therapy is one of the most rewarding healing practices for both human and horse as it connects both souls with each other and to our source; Nature. It is this deep connection that travels through time; an ancient bond we made long ago when the rivers were clean, the air was pure, & the earth a paradise.

Looking into the eye of a horse you will witness a soul that does not judge but trusts and from this initial meeting the healing will begin.

This kind of equine therapy is known to help people suffering from nervous system problems, autism, psychiatric disorders, etc.

The subtle energy of the horse and its content, calm nature allows for a meaningful friendship for those struggling to find an answer. I have said before that because we are nature the best way to heal our body or mind is to go back to our origin and connect with the natural world. 

A bit about horses

Observing horses is witnessing nature unfold before your eyes and I have spent many years just watching their gentle and subtle ways. It takes a person with compassion to really understand and observe a horse and in doing this practice you can learn selflessness, to see and think like a horse. 

I now choose not to ride unless the horse accepts the human tackless which you can learn to do through natural horsemanship. My beliefs have evolved naturally to live with compassion and allow all life to live free as they are. This is how nature intended; for all life to live peacefully with one another in paradise.

I think when I look at modern riding there always seems a selfish aspect to it and whether the horse wants to be ridden is overlooked by the rider. This is not an attack on modern riding as this is how I came to love the horse, but I have since thought on the matter deeply and changed my thinking as a horse would think. Some ride purely with the good intention to exercise the horse but if we are trying to create the ideal environment then the horse will have sufficient space to roam all day.


Generally when riding people use bits for 'control' and basically this is for pain leverage that pushes on the upper palate.

When horses are shod this severs the connection with earth which is their natural pump for blood flow in the legs. An unshod hoof when walking will slightly expand and acts as a pump resulting in the blood flow to continue optimally. Shoes stop this dramatically and so the legs are colder and could be more susceptible to injury. 

Meet the gentle giant

Meet Dolph; he lives a contented life on grass all year as this is best for equines mental and physical health. This free lifestyle enables their minds to be running smoothly as they go about life how their ancestors have always known. It helps them physically because they are an animal in motion and to restrict this movement is not good for their legs as inflammation, stagnation will become a problem.

I worked with horses in Canada and have seen the truly inspiring benefits to horses when you leave them to be horses. They are the masters of adapting to different environments, which is why you can find them all over the globe.

The Therapy

A session typically involves you grooming the horse or doing the basic stable jobs that will help you bond and gain more confidence.

Another method is to join the horse while in the field and to just sit with them. When you have gained the horses trust they will sit or lay down near you. This will show that they are relaxed in your company and is truly an inspiring moment. When observing horses laying down in the field there will also be another horse standing on watch.

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