Ayurveda is a Science like Yoga, to live a healthy life living naturally. Ayurveda looks at the whole body, inside and out, to keep one in optimal condition throughout life. Ayurveda is following a diet specific to your body. It's teaching's have not changed for thousands of years, and by following this way of living, you will avoid illness and disease.

The following quiz will determine what Dosha is most dominant in you, from there you can find out the exact diet your body should be on. The three Doshas are Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

Animals in the wild do not get sick, why? Because they live the same today as they have always done, with their nature and not against it. People get sick because they have abandoned their nature and have become unnatural. Nature in the sense of the outside world and also the nature of people. Of course there are other reasons for sickness, but when you look deeply into it, it is all connected in some detail. 

Every 'Body' is different, some people can't eat certain things without feeling ill, but some can eat the same thing and be fine. By having the correct diet of your body type, you will have great health because the body wants to be healthy.

Seeking more comfort is another reason for sickness, this has taken people away from their natural strength. Comfort creates weakness. Knowing this, Carl travelled to Norway some years ago in February when the cold was -20 below zero, to live outside and experience the real world, not to suffer the cold, but to learn from it. No tent and no plastic, nothing modern was allowed, only natural materials and knowledge was brought along. By putting the body out of the comfort zone for a short while, you will see that you have the ability to adapt, bringing the body back into a naturally healthy state of being. Nature is the only real way to keep us strong, and is our greatest teacher.  

Ayurvedic Constitution Quiz

Determining your dominant Ayurvedic psycho-physiological (mind-body) constitutional type:

Vata, Pitta, Kapha

The following test will give you a fairly good idea of the levels of your Doshas. We have to remember that everyone has all three Doshas, but in varying degrees. After reading each description, mark 0 to 7.
You can rate each question according to the scale below and then add your scores.

0-1                                 2                                           3-4                                        5                                6-7

Does not apply            Applies rarely                     Applies sometimes              Applies often            most of the time

Evaluating my Vata

Physical attributes:

1. My physique is thin - I don’t gain weight easily.
2. I am quick and active.
3. My skin is usually dry, more so in winter.
4. My hands and feet are usually cold.
5. My energy fluctuates and comes in bursts.
6. I usually develop gas or constipation.
7. I usually have difficulty falling asleep or having a sound night's sleep.
8. I am uncomfortable in cold weather.

Mental, Emotional, and behavioral attributes:

9. My nature is lively and enthusiastic.
10. I have difficulty memorizing things and remembering them later.
11. It is easy for me to learn new things quickly, but I also forget quickly.
12. I am not good at making decisions.
13. I am anxious or worrisome by nature.
14. People think I’m talkative and that I talk quickly.
15. I am usually emotional by nature and my moods fluctuate.
16. My mind is restless, but also imaginative.
17. I have irregular eating and sleeping habits.

Total Vata:


Evaluating my Pitta

Physical attributes:

1. My hair is fine, straight, light, blonde, red, graying early, or balding.
2. I don’t tolerate hot weather.
3. I sweat easily.
4. I can't tolerate delaying or skipping a meal.
5. My appetite is very good and I can eat big meals.
6. My bowel movements are regular. I might have occasional loose stool but not much constipation.
7. I like cold drinks and such foods as ice cream.
8. I often feel hot.
9. Spicy, hot foods upset my stomach.

Mental, Emotional, and behavioral attributes:

10. I consider myself efficient.
11. I try to be organized and accurate.
12. I have a strong will and my friends think I am stubborn.
13. I am impatient by nature.
14. I tend to become irritable or angry quite easily.
15. I try to be meticulous and am a perfectionist by nature.
16. I get angry easily, but I don’t hold a grudge.
17. I am usually critical of myself and others.

Total Pitta:




Evaluating my Kapha

Physical attributes:

1. It is easy for me to gain weight but difficult to lose.
2. Skipping meals is easy for me and does not cause any problems.
3. I tend to have congestion, mucus, or sinus problems.
4. I’m a sound sleeper.
5. I have thick, oily, dark, wavy hair.
6. My skin is smooth and soft with an almost pale complexion.
7. My body frame is large and solid with a heavy bone structure.
8. My digestion is slow, so I feel full after eating.
9. I have a steady energy level with good endurance and strong stamina.
10. I’m sensitive to cool and damp weather.


Mental, Emotional, and behavioral attributes:

11. I tend to be slow, methodical, and relaxed.
12. I need to sleep a minimum of eight hours to feel well the next morning.
13. By nature I am calm and composed. I don’t get angry easily.
14. I am not a quick learner but I am good at memorizing things and remembering them later.
15. Many people consider me affectionate, forgiving, and peaceful.
16. I usually oversleep and have difficulty waking up the next morning.
17. I am very reluctant to take on new responsibilities.

Total Kapha:

My total scores are:

Vata                          Pitta                               Kapha

I am                           first,                              second, and                                


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