Advaita Vedanta is non dual spirituality that was discovered by the ancient rishis of India, 5,000 years ago. Advaita is sanskrit, meaning non-duality, it teaches that nothing in the universe is separate and all come from one source. We are not 'we', but 'I' alone is all there is. The one consciousness is the creator, Ishvara, Brahman, Atma, God, are not different, and all that seems to be happening is but a projection of the mind.

The mind is a recorder of memories that occur through the sense's ; sight, hearing, smelling, enjoying, touching, all get sent as messages to the mind. The nature of mind is thought, so mastering the mind with silence is what yoga can teach you.

This is very deep yoga, and not for everyone, as most minds are not developed consciously enough to accept this teaching, and remain with a veil of ignorance. This is what is called self realization, where the ego is dropped, mind is gone, and one no longer associates oneself as body. There are no attachments to worldly impressions because one has seen through the illusion, and observed it fall away in the sleep state.

Self realization is the goal of yoga, and it may take many births to reach this level of consciousness, but all will finally attain yoga, because it is the very reason we are here.

Through the masters words you can learn these very profound teachings which we are very lucky to actually have at all, enjoy.

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