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An explorer of life.

Ideally I would not write about myself because this site is not about me, and the teachings of yoga and all knowledge belong and come from the original Guru. But there are some who wish to know from whom does this site come into being. This is the book I left almost finished, this is the oil painting I always leave half finished.


Carl is humbly teaching Hatha, Astanga Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation, Kundalini Kriya, having completed multiple teacher training's from an accredited Yoga school in India, as well as learned and practiced with many teachers. To teach yoga is an opportunity to continue the ancient tradition and ensure that the wonderful gift to humanity is not lost or misunderstood.


Through the journey of life and travels, the true essence of yoga will reveal itself. The philosophy of yoga has been passed down from teacher to student for more than 5,000 years, and so this wonderful duty continues today.

His philosophy has always been to learn from the source of yoga; Nature.

In 2017 he began learning Reiki, completing level 2 certificate. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are also ways that he enjoys to keep the body moving and the mind still.

Carl is also a world traveler, having travelled since a baby going abroad with his parents for many years, until one day decided to become a solo traveler, to follow his curiosity and see what there was to be found. He travels to learn from the people, to explore the wilderness and to see the differences of nature in the world. It is also very important to travel with the notion to learn from the world and to have a humble understanding that we are all different and that is Alright. 

 For many years he also continues the practice of simple living and has become quite adept at travelling and living light. This way of living was strengthened when witnessing how the Sadhu's (Spiritual people) live day to day. 

His curiosity twice took him to Canada to live and work as a wilderness guide with horses. This experience added to his philosophy of following nature with it's truest of teachings. At times in those remotest of mountain valleys Carl would continue to flow with nature and maintained a layer of dirt over the body to keep him warm and to keep the bugs off, (people stayed away too). He reasoned that if it worked for the horses then it will work for people.

He is part of the world and understands nature as a feeling of being connected. 

With this website Carl hopes to share the ancient art of Yoga and other philosophies so that it will be beneficial for all who wish to know yog. The aim also is to help inspire through calmness, kindness and respect to all our friends across the seas. This is Karma Yog.

Being an artisan for many years you can also find some of his previous work on the Bazaar page. Through his inquiry Carl has gathered many skills from around the world, which he still makes time for and practices when not teaching or travelling. A dedicated practitioner of traditional knowledge. Shanti

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