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The 9 Pillars of

Natural Health

Navanganath Yoga

The Navanganath or 9 pillars to natural health is the result of many years learning of our natural world and how we go with it, or fall by the wayside. I have dedicated these years which is a natural curiosity that has taken me across the world to learn directly from the source of everything we know; nature.

I believe that living by each of these 9 pillars one can extend their life by decades, through the scientific research and through personal experience of the largely unknown power of nature.

The 9 pillars are the ideal existence for the human body on a cellular, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level which will increase longevity of the body and mind. Here is a brief explanation of each and how by living with the rhythm of the way things are, we can live happy, healthy, for as long as you want.

And remember these 9 pillars are a daily lifestyle choice which in the beginning requires training oneself to unlearn certain habits, and most importantly a continued discipline. Also remember that naturally the body wants to be healthy, but the mind and other outside fear mongering will make you feel and think different.

I am available for further council on how to implement these 9 pillars into your lifestyle transformation, connect with us at the bottom of the page or the contact page.

Movement; Yoga & Qi Gong

Basic Qi Gong and traditional Yoga postures are the ideal movements that the human body requires to keep it subtle and strong. These disciplines will strengthen, loosen, and flex the whole body when incorporated as your daily life. 

The yoga asana & Qi Gong postures stimulate the internal body organs, calm the mind and bring the mind into the present moment, which keeps stress down and in turn, will keep inflammation away.

To keep your immunity optimal you have to move the lymph by regular excersize, otherwise the body will become a stagnant body of water that is prone to disease. The lymph is a fluid in the body like our blood, but unlike the blood that has the heart to pump it around the body, our lymph has no pump, instead the bodies muscles when contract through movement becomes the pump. This will ensure a strong immune system. Move it or lose it, early.


Slows everything down, calms the mind totally which is a major pillar in longevity because this will keep the stress level low, and stress is directly linked to premature ageing. Stress creates inflammation which is ideal for illness to begin to manifest. In an adrenaline filled stress state the body will be more catabolic which damages the tissue, but through meditation we can put ourselves in a parasympathetic state of repair. When we are in the conscious silent meditative state we are actually healing and regenerating tissue damage, cell functions, etc.

Sit, stand or lie down quietly and observe yourself, try not to force, just be the witness to what ever is happening in your present moment. This can be the hardest part of a yoga class because it is hard for the mind to sit there and do nothing. But luckily practice makes perfect, and just begin with sitting still for 5 minutes everyday.


Deep breathing and slow breathing is fundamental for optimal health in the body and mind. Breath is life and we should learn how to properly breathe for the maximum benefits that it gives. Proper breathing is with the diaphragm, and by observing your breath you can turn your health around. Observing the breath will also train the mind to slow down and just be. When you consciously slow the breath you control your heart rate, blood pressure, and this brings a calmness into your life.

We strengthen immunity, respiratory, nervous system, all with correct breathing patterns. The practice of deep breathing like Bastrika, breath of fire alkalizes the PH levels in the body, creating an inflammation free environment.


Humans need nature on all levels if we are to remain mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. We are one and the same and on a cellular level we are made the same as mother earth.

The optimal time spent in nature is the entire day if we are really striving for a natural existence. We only need to go inside at night for sleep, or if the elements are to much. Again this requires a good climate or good clothing for the cooler places.

It is only in recent years people have started to spend more time indoors which greatly effects the health negatively because it severs our natural connection to our environment. Nature has a calming effect on our mind, it balances and strengthens the systems of the body such as nervous system, respiratory and immune systems. 

Science is catching up to what all first nations around the planet new, and felt, because I often say if it feels good, then it is good. We should all be listening to our first nations people because they hold the most precious knowledge of how to live as nature intended.


This will give vitamin D to the body for free by being absorbed by our skin and hair. The skin and hair are like a natural solar panel that collects the suns raise for our body to turn it into energy. Sun gazing at either sunrise or sunset for a short while will also have the energizing effect when the sun connects with the eyeballs and transfers through the brain to the pineal gland.

Unlike animals who grow fur more profoundly in winter for warmth, humans hair will grow more pronounced in summer. This is because we are meant for the climates that have the longer sun exposures, though we should not burn ourselves. We shouldn't spend all of the day in the piercing sun, shade is necessary and also common sense.


Barefoot on the natural earth also called earthing or grounding, is when one connects directly to earth. The health benefits are unanimous and will help with almost any problem. Connecting to earth in this way is our natural way to charge the body up and to keep us healthy. 

The earth is an antioxidant for our body when we connect and so this will cure inflammation, chronic pain or bad posture. It also strengthens our immunity, vitality and energy. This is why our first nations lived so fully with nature, knowing its true power. 

It is the subtle flexing of the feet on the earth that has a calming effect upon our nature, and our whole being is at peace from this gentle massage. 

The electricity in the ground is the same that is in our body and we are all intertwined with the nature of things. 

Raw Veg/Fruit Diet

Before everything the first man and woman would have known nothing, so when it came to eating they would have eaten that which is to hand. Like fruits from the trees, wild flowers on the ground, berries from the bush. This diet is our natural species specific diet for the anatomy we have, and eating this way you gain the full nutrients of the food.

Eating food that has literally just been picked is still very much alive, allowing you to consume pure food. It is known that cooking food diminishes the nutrients considerably; so trying to ween oneself gradually off cooked food is the natural way to go for maximum health and energy.

It is also recommended to stop eating meat as meat has many toxins that greatly puts the body at risk of dis-ease, and illness in terms of health as well as ill behavior. The toxic and acidic body that a meat eating diet creates, literally creates angry people; crime, war, are then what we get. Remember that dis-ease thrives in acidic environments so this diet would save life.

Don't be fooled by the energy you gain from meat, as this is only second hand energy. The greens, and sun grown food that the animal ate is the energy in the meat which people eat. So you can see that it is better long term to eat from the first hand energy source.

Meat also is hard work for the digestive system, so if you are having digestive problems then try to reduce the meat intake. Again, when our digestive system is at rest we have more energy.

When you eat things that have been stored and dead for weeks or even months, the nutrients have diminished a great deal so you will not get the required energy. This we can't help unless we grow our own.

Diet also extends to what you drink and one should drink pure water that does not contain fluoride or chloride as this is detrimental to the pineal gland and developing the mind. Pure spring water either straight from a well or next best is buying it in glass bottles.

Adjusting to raw veg/fruit diet can be difficult to achieve, so I would recommend to change the diet in stages, for me this has taken over a year to adjust. I stopped eating meat instantly but the hard part is then to get off cooked food. To substitute the warm feeling cooked food brings when consuming, I instead had an organic tea with the raw food. This way I still had something hot going into the body.

As long as you are not in the arctic wilderness, this diet is achievable.

Fresh Air

This is our oxygen and so breathing in the very cleanest air is essential for longevity, vitality, energy, complete health. When you have pure clean air circulating the inner body, your energy and endurance from fatigue is optimized so that you could literally run up and down a mountain and feel you could do it again.

Mountain air in the sub alpine region is a great source of clean oxygen but anywhere not polluted by traffic etc will be perfect for your lungs.

When practicing the pranayama it is better if you are filling the lungs with clean air which will soak your inner body with free energy.


This is an ancient way of healing the body from any illness one might have, because when the body is in a state of fasting, the body is in a state of healing. When the bodies digestive system is not busy at work digesting food, the energy that it takes to digest food is now spent on healing the body, and also energizing the cells. 

Fasting has been around for thousands of years for this very reason. A good start is to try intermittent fasting of waiting at least eight hours between food before moving to one meal a day. The extended fasts of days or weeks would be for healing your body from illness, and intermittent fasting can be a daily yogic discipline to keep the body strong, the mind clear, and the spirit pure.

Juice fasting for 5, 10, 30, 45, 60 days is known to cure major health ailments such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, tuberculosis. That can extend to any dis-ease or illness that attacks the body, because the body wants to be healthy. Being healthy is our natural state, dis-ease is not natural and can be reversed with fasting. This is because what the fasting is doing is allowing the bodies defense system to kill what should not be in the body. The juice nourishes the body,  and at the same time is flushing out all the rubbish that one has accumulated over the decades.


Cold Water

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