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Namaste, Welcome

This website is an endeavor to share the ancient wisdom of Yog in it's traditional Indian form so that it will continue to help humanity & cultivate spirituality for all. You will find pages on the vast subjects of not only yog but all forms of natural movements, healing practices, & how the body works. This site is a result of the last 15 years on the yog path of discovery and learning directly from our origin; Nature.

The aim also is to help inspire through calmness, kindness and respect to all our friends across the seas. This is Karma Yog.

Certified in 500 hour Yoga teacher training from an accredited Yoga Alliance school in India, learned in Astanga Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra and Yogic philosophy

Among other things, the teachings of basic Qi Gong movements, which help in longevity, as well as multiple styles of yog, are shared here and in classes. At the present moment we are based in the Buckinghamshire area and travel also to the neighboring counties. Private lessons or group classes are now available if you wish to further your yog practice in its natural way.

For at least 5'000 years yog has been passed down from teacher to student and so it is an important duty for us to add an invocation/mantra to respect these past masters who kept the flame of Yog burning true.

 Within these pages you will also find pictures of travels to faraway lands, all with the notion to learn from the world and have a humble understanding that we are all different and that is Allriight. 

As you will see with the contents of this website, there is a natural curiosity to life's teachings; and many interests have been collected along the way, but all somehow connect with one another, encouraging the thought that all these experiences in life was the unseen guide leading the way on the path. Many pilgrimages have been accomplished, here and there, walking upon some of the most remote and majestic wilderness on earth. At heart you could say I am an explorer of life who finds freedom in nature.



Feel the power of Mantra chanting by learning some of these ancient words.



Get inspiration from these inspiring quotes from around the world.


Yama & Niyama

Learn the 5 Yama & Niyama to become a better you for the sake of all of us.


9 Pillars

9 Pillars of natural health, also called Navanganath yog, is the way of longevity.




Ayurvedic Organic Creams

Organic Creams for the skin & hair, all handmade by Chaim, an experienced Yoga & Ayurvedic practitioner.

More information on all products will be available soon.

Send us a message and let us know if you would be interested in these Natural Healing Creams, shanti.

To purchase yours, please visit https://www.yogawithchaim.org/shop/



A New section devoted to Natural Healing for human & animal. Horse Therapy, Guided forest walks by the certified guide, Mindfulness, Sleep hygiene, Nutrition for naturals.

We will be launching a Horse therapy section with information on this alternative way of healing the mind. This kind of therapy is known to help both human and animal connect in their natural state. All based on the principles of natural interaction with horses, kindness, calmness, & respect. More info coming soon.


I am working on a Fasting section to explain the miraculous way the body is designed to heal itself and how it wants to be healthy. Intermittent or juice fasting will greatly benefit your inner body particularly if you do an extended fast purely on nutrition high juice. There is also fasting on Shivambu which is urine therapy and the state that this practice puts the body into has had the result of curing cancer. Urine contains stem cells which repair damaged tissue, vitamins, anti-bodies which is protein from the immune system, hormones, & amino acids that help build protein. The GOLDEN elixir of life.

The Ardhma blog is all the latest news on new pages, new events, new classes, etc.

A Mindset

'Be kind and show friendship always.

Be true and as real as the mountains.

Be respectful to all.

Understand and follow these simple ways and we will have a world without hatred.'

Lokah Samastah          Sukhino Bhavantu

Thank you for Coming & have a great day

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